Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Travelog, part 4: MAN->DXB

Chronological blogging in UTC. Starting out Monday, where we departed Buxton at roughly 16:45 after saying all our goodbyes and mistakenly leaving half of a rather nice garlic cheese behind. I hope someone finds it and enjoys it, it was a good cheese.

20:10. Still on the ground.

20:21. Pushback for a scheduled 20:00 flight.

20:36. Takeoff.

??:??. I don't know what timestamp to assign this, because I no longer have my dead-time watch. After I took everything off for the security checkpoint, I was pulled aside to have my boots separately checked (they fit, that's not the problem), and when I went to retrieve my things, there was only one watch. I'm fairly sure I would have noticed if I'd left another watch in there, and no watch was handed in to Lost Property, and I asked the officials to check carefully and they found nothing, so my conclusion is that some other pasenger nicked it out of the tray before I even saw it :(

03:08. Touchdown in Dubai.

04:04. Another hour to fully charge Traal's battery; external battery also charging; happily on wifi; you know, if I had a chair to sit on, I'd be sorted. Well, you can't have everything, and a better hand at turning in a blog post don't walk a deck. We have a good bit of time to sit around before the connecting flight, so we'll hang around here.

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Chris Angelico said...

The watch turned up! In the bottom of my backpack, amazingly. Have no idea how that can have happened - the backpack was closed at the time. Weird.