Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Travelog, part 5: DXB->MEL (mostly)

We're on an A380. Having never flown on one before, I am of course making random observations. Most notably, the airstairs - three of them. We're boarded very efficiently for the number of people here.

The Airshow channel boasts three cameras. Belly cam (looking down), nose cam (looking forward), and - not seen previously - tail cam (looking forward across the top of the plane, should give us a great view of anyone stepping outside for a quick cigarette).

Nice lady sitting in the window seat with us, name of Helen. Going on to Auckland.

We're estimated at distance to destination of 7365 miles (they still use the same sucky font that makes 3 and 5 look almost the same), and... uhh... 0h 16m to arrival. I know these craft are fast, but whoa, that's pretty impressive!

Can't get wifi from here - at least, not stably enough to connect.

Sounds like departure will be delayed a bit due to congestion - our path is delayed a bit.

Wifi on board promised!! Woot!

The safety video opens with a shot of the appropriate aircraft, and the exits are of course matched to reality (including the fact that this has two decks). Other than that, I don't think there are any differences.

06:23. Suspending prior to launch.

06:26. Or not. We lost our path, we're now estimating pushback in 40 mins as we're 15th in queue. But the captain still thinks we'll be landing roughly on time - there's a good bit built in, it seems.

07:01. Pushback!

18:05. I finally have internet! The onboard wifi is extremely slow, requires popups, and seems to be flat-out buggy, but I finally got myself online! This is being posted from 39,000 feet above the Great Australian Bite, the way I always will think of it.

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