Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Travelog, part 6: MEL(mostly)->home

Asha happened to meet us at the airport for no reason. After exchanging greetings, we part once more and take Skybus back to that part of the world that doesn't run 24x7 and is therefore just waking up. Back in England I did a Jay Pea to get an estimated time to get home, and we were just seven minutes behind being actually able to follow it - that's equivalent to the Selesnya Sagittars aiming their bows using maps, and hitting you in the arm instead of the chest.

So we make our way out, get to Southern Crustacean, Flinner, and progressively closer to home. Oh there is so much waiting for us!

08:06AM local time. We're home! Hi Thea, hi Sikorsky, let's get Alice from her enforced restraint, woohoo!

Travelog terminates.

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